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Beautiful Wodden House

At Carolina Garden Co,  we never stop looking for unstoppable talent. The real difference makers. We’re highly selective and extremely protective of our culture. If you join our tribe, it’s our goal to make sure when friends, family and colleagues ask you where you work.

We understand people don’t quit companies, they quit people. Simply put, we don’t hire talent to tell them what to do. We hire the best and the brightest, fit for their perfect role and career path, then empower them to raise the bar while having fun. We accept only those with a servant’s heart, on a quest to be better every day. Those with a desire to deliver for a greater good and to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Since 2005 Carolina Garden Co has been built on the principles of friendly service, fair prices and quality workmanship. We’ve always vowed to treat our customers and employees fairly, truly understand them and listen to their needs and concerns. That’s what sets us apart from the rest. Some companies call it going the extra mile; we call it doing things the right way.

If you find that our vision matches your professional aspiration, we hope you’ll take the next step and give us a call - 919-698-9838 ext 2. It might be the most important and rewarding decision you’ll ever make.

Rocket Positions Ready For Launch
  • Operations Manager

  • Hardscape Sales

  • Landscape Sales

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