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Policies & Warranties


Proposals must be signed by the customer prior to the beginning of the project. This signifies that the scope of work is complete and is agreed upon by both Carolina Garden Company and the customer.


A signed copy of the invoice will be sent to the customer via email and/or mail.

  • No work exceeding $1000 will begin without the required 50% deposit. See payment options below.

  • Once payment is received, the project will be scheduled at the next available opportunity. 

  • The remaining 50% payment is expected on the same day (and no later than 24 hours after) as project completion. 


Designs will not be delivered via hard copy or email until the design fee is paid in full.

Limited Plant Warranty


  • Your landscape is accompanied with a 1 yr limited warranty on the trees and shrubs if maintained per the standards below. It is imperative that plants receive proper care, so as to minimize stress. ** IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER to supply the plant with sufficient water and fertilizer (as needed) during their growing season (May to October). ****

  • Trees and shrubs are warranted for one year from date of installation or purchase, and will be replaced once within the warranty period, should they die. Carolina Garden Co. will make warranty replacements during the optimum planting seasons: spring and fall.

  • Carolina Garden Co. assumes no liability for replacement of plants killed or damaged by pests, insect infestation, abnormal weather conditions, or other conditions beyond our control, nor will we replace plants experiencing “seasonal die-back”, when pruning and proper care will restore them to health.

  • This warranty shall be void and will not apply to any plants which were originally installed by Carolina Garden Co then subsequently repaired, adjusted, moved or modified by an individual or other entity.

  • There is no warranty for 1g or 3g  plants,  annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground covers, and transplanted plant material.

Required Plant Maintenance


  • Your new plantings will need an inch of water per week for the first year. IF YOU FAIL TO WATER YOUR PLANTS, THEY WILL DIE. A PLANT THAT HAS DIED DUE TO DROUGHT IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR GUARANTEE.

  • In the heat of summer, you may have to water daily. Don’t forget to keep watering during fall!  Soaker hoses and a timer system may be used to save time and money, however you must ensure that sufficient water penetrates the rootball of each plant.  Water should pool up at the base of the plant when the soil has been adequately saturated.

  •  Water not only under the drip line of the plant, but also several feet out from this. Otherwise, dry soil will wick away moisture from roots.

  • If planting occurs in the Spring water 3 times minimum per week, for the first 3 weeks, whether it rains or not, then after the first 3 weeks, water twice per week whether it rains or not.  

  • If the planting occurs in the Fall, and the plant still has leaves, following the aforementioned watering guidelines until the leaves fall off.  

  • If the plant has lost its leaves, soak thoroughly one time after planting.  Begin watering again in the spring when the new foliage appears, following the aforementioned watering guidelines.  

  • Monitor the plants after the first 3 weeks and apply additional water as necessary.  

  • It is best to water early in the morning to prevent evaporation, or rot if watered too late in the day.                                                                        


Other Contingencies
  • Concrete: Unfortunately, it will crack eventually. We make every effort to prevent premature cracks of any kind. 

  • Pavers, brick and sidewalks: all work will be level with proper drainage of water considered.

  • Retaining walls: all work will be constructed to ensure sufficient drainage of water with the utmost structural integrity.                

  • Sod and grass: due to the plethora of environmental factors in growing grass, including, but not limited to, disease, rain, drought, temperatures, storms, under watering, seed manufacturing, etc., we make no guarantees to the performance of sod or grass. We comply with industry best practices during installation; however, this does not ensure future success. 

  • This proposal is subject to extra charge for concealed contingencies such as buried rock or debris, buried paving stone, severe hardpan, poor drainage situations, etc. not readily apparent in estimating the material and work specified. 

  • Existing irrigation lines. While we make every effort not to cut irrigation lines, the owner assumes all responsibility for repairing the line if it is cut. 

  • Any changes to the scope of work over and beyond the contract and changes to finished designs/contract will incur additional costs. 

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